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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Congratulations on 8 Years, Dylan!!!

Hello again, Dad here, a few days later than I should be, but here nevertheless to celebrate OUR Dylan's 8 Year Forever Family Anniversary.

We're already 2 weeks into our summer adventures, and it's already been a bit crazy. Fun, but a bit wild.  We're lining up the next few weeks, with a trip to Michigan, and another week away (to ???) sometime later toward the end of Summer.

Dylan continues to grow in his role as Big Brother to Tyler, helping out in many ways. Tyler has bonded with all of his siblings and Dylan takes his responsibility very seriously.  He helps to guide Tyler back track when things start to go sideways by trying to be a calming influence.  He's also already trying to mentor T-Bone in the basics of Minecraft!

As Kyle is now moving on to Middle School, Dylan will take his place as part of the 5th grade Masters of the Universe!  He is looking forward to being in the oldest class and sharing the upcoming year with his large set of friends.  Dylan is a good friend to many of his classmates, and he usually shares lots of good school stories with us at Dinner.

He has continued studying and playing the violin and has been quite responsible with his practicing efforts.  Nearly every time he practiced this spring, our older cat, Mocha, found her way to his feet and curled up near him as he played.  She must have found the music comforting, or interesting - so much that she would relocate herself from wherever she was to  Dylan's side.  That made him very happy.

Our family (and Aunt Rita) had the opportunity to enjoy the Oak Ridge Elementary Spring Concert, with BOTH Kyle and Dylan performing.  A proud day for Lisa and me to say the least.

Dylan had a blast during our spring vacation in Punta Cana.  He enjoyed tons of beach time and pool time.  The most fun for him was being able to navigate the Breakfast and Lunch Buffets to fill his own plates - and go back for seconds and thirds of the really good stuff.

He's growing taller every day and he still enjoys climbing of all sorts - from boulders in the parks, to the many playgrounds we visit, to our backyard Locust Tree.  He loves bike riding, skateboarding and scootering.  He's becoming harder and harder to keep up with!  He also shares a natural curiosity about all things in nature and science.  I can't wait until his math and science education catches up so he can start to understand the hows and whys of what he sees as mysteries now.

We're looking forward to the rest of our summer and to taking on the 5th Grade!

Here are some recent adventures...

Picking Summer Fruit (Peaches = Favorite) at Linvilla Orchards

Getting ready to Wow The Crowd at the Spring Concert

Tyler's First Trip to DW

Driving with Kyle at DW

Cooling off at Home

Planning our DW Day with Mom

At the Lehigh Valley Zoo

Picking Favorites at Hershey's Chocolate World

"Every family needs a Dylan"... and we sure love ours!We Love You Very Much.
Mom and Dad

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Happy 11th Birthday Dylan!!

Good evening all, just another drive-by post to officially recognize Dylan's 11th Birthday!  Happy Birthday!!

Dylan continues to grow into a handsome and confident young man.  He is enjoying his classmates and his Teacher in Fourth Grade at Oak Ridge.  Hard to believe that he'll only have one more year left before middle school.

The past few months have seen a few changes in our family.  Dylan took on the additional role of Big Brother to his new younger brother Tyler, who joined our family last August (2016).  Dylan was a huge help on our adoption trip and has matured a great deal in his new role.  With our new addition, he's again rooming with his big Brother Kyle, while Ryan and Tyler are sharing their new bunk beds.  He's an important role model for his now TWO younger brothers.

In school, he has taken up the violin as his instrument of choice.  He is working diligently and has recently hit his benchmark for the spring of 2017!  We are looking forward to the annual Spring Concert, so we can enjoy his performance with his peers.

We're also looking forward to our upcoming family spring vacation, this year to Punta Cana.  Dylan is looking forward to sailing, and lots of pool and beach time.

The calendar seems to be flipping faster with each passing month, and time seems to be accelerating. We're happy to have had a chance to slow down a little bit tonight to celebrate Dylan's 11th Birthday - even Aunt Rita was able to join us!  It's been fun watching Dylan grow and develop and we can't wait to see what the future holds.  Not too fast though, just ONE year at a time!

We're very proud of what you've accomplished, Dylan, and we all love you very much.

Love and Happy Birthday,
Mom & Dad

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Seven Years a Lockhead!

Dad here again with a short post to mark the 7th anniversary of Dylan's joining our family!!

The school year has come to an end and Dylan will be moving from 3rd to 4th Grade this fall.  He had a great year by all accounts and his teacher was a very good fit for him (and for us).  Dylan has grown in his relationship with his little brother Ryan.

It is difficult to believe that it's already been SEVEN years sine we welcomed D into our lives.  The memories of that first day at the Civil Affairs office are still vivid in our minds.  His little face as he walked around the corner into the room.  His hesitation of joining in when Kyle and I started playing with a small matchbox car on the floor of that room, trying to draw him in...

And shortly after, as we departed for our hotel, his beaming smile as he took his place on Mom's lap in the van.

One of our first family shots in our Hotel in China...

Watching 4th of July Fireworks out of the back of our rental SUV in Hawaii, where we stopped on the way home.

My how Dylan has changed...

He's becoming a confident, handsome young man (in a fedora, yet)!

Enjoying the Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival...

Goofing around at Tyler Arboretum...

Dylan is now a published author/poet - his poem was recognized at a ceremony at the School District Meeting!

Enjoying the last day of his swimming lessons - he made it end to end, no sweat!

We can't wait to see what this year will bring.

Always remember, "Every family needs a Dylan..."

And we love ours!  We could not be more proud.
Mom & Dad

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Happy Birthday, Dylan! 10 Years Old Today!!

Today Dylan turned TEN!  It's hard to believe how he's grown, physically and emotionally.  Since his last birthday, he's continuing to grow into his very important role as Big Brother to Ryan.  He is very patient with Ryan and has taught him a great deal already.  They share a room his presence has given Ryan a sense of comfort and belonging.

Dylan is doing very well in his 3rd Grade studies.  He is above grade level in Reading and is developing strong Math skills, too.

We're looking forward to our spring break vacation in Mexico in a few weeks.

For his birthday, Dylan got a big time custom made skateboard from Fairman's - one of the best skate shops around.  We picked it up today and he's been beaming all day.

We enjoyed a birthday dinner at Outback Steakhouse - one of D's "go-to" places.

We are very proud of the progress he's been making and are psyched that he's now be able to answer "Ten" when he's asked how old he is!  Life in our house is a lot of fun right now with our TWO 10-year olds blazing the trail for their younger siblings.

Remember, "every family needs a Dylan"...

We love OUR Dylan very much.

Happy birthday, D-man!
Mom & Dad

A few recent shots of Dylan...

Dylan's 3rd Grade Class Photo  

Dylan enjoying the Oak Ridge Fun Run in the Fall...     

Enjoying a Fall Bike Ride at Lehigh Gorge

Christmas at Dutch Wonderland

This Winter's HUUUUUGE Snowstorm